According to the fur industry there are different types of fur. Fur traders distance themselves from fur that is widely produced under terrible conditions in countries like China. They argue that the fur that they bring on the market is sustainable and animal friendly.

Therefore they created a label: Origin Assured. In other words, the origin of their fur is guaranteed.

Origin Assured guarantees that the fur concerned came from a country where animal welfare is guaranteed by national or local regulations or standards. Only approved species of fur, from approved countries and which are sold by fur auctions, can have the Origin Assured label.

The label is international and is also used in for example in Finland and Denmark.

It is good that we know where fur comes from. It helps the consumer to make a fair and transparent choice if he or she considers to wear or buy fur.

On this site you will learn exactly what the origin is of Origin Assured fur.
'Origin Assured' fur from Finland

'Origin Assured' fur from Finland
'Origin Assured' fur from Denmark